London Fresco

We are proud to present to the new revolutionary idea of interior/exterior decoration, portable, handmade Italian Frescoes.

What are London frescoes

London frescoes are not ordinary wallpapers or murals but actually hand crafted masterpieces of white set plaster (stucco) on a fibre glass mesh. You can have the feel and look a fresco for only a fragment of the cost of a hand painted fresco. Our frescoes come in many different sizes from 80cm*27cm to as large as 750cm*345cm, horizontally or vertically aligned. Visit our Gallery to get some inspiration from our selection!

Art for your fresco

We have a large selection of art from various licensed contemporary artists, but you can see ancient frescoes and paintings, depictions of scenery, cityscapes, oriental art, Art Nouveau, illusionistic ceiling and wall paintings and even nautical charts. The possibilites are literally endless as we even offer a bespoke service: just provide us with the image of your choice and amaze your friends, colleagues, customers or business partners with the unbelievable London Fresco of your choice!